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Join us chasing waterfalls

On this one-day trip we will focus on the six most spectacular waterfalls on the west coast. You will have the flexibilities to take your time to take pictures and enjoy the nature. During the trip you will see both sides of the amazing Hardanger fjord, as well as the many waterfalls in that area.

The trip starts in Bergen in the morning, and we will be driving south east, until we reach the first part of the fjord. Then we continue to drive off to Gjermundshavn, where we go onboard on a ferry to cross the fjord.

From the other side of the fjord, we will head up to the mighty Waterfall Furebergfossen. A powerful waterfall.

From Furebergfossen, there is about 30 minute’s drive to Vidfossen. We will only see this waterfall while driving past. Then it's only 10 minutes to the Låtefossen, where we will stop so you can take pictures and explore the nature and your surroundings.

The trip continues to Odda and Eidfjord. When we arrive Eidfjord (upper Eidfjord), we will do a longer stop to eat lunch. We will be eating lunch at Eidfjord nature center.

After lunch we will drive up the mountains, and we will see the most spectacular waterfall at this tour, Vøringsfossen. This is Norway's most spectacular waterfall. Then we drive down to sea level, and we will cross the bridge again. We take another route back just to make sure you get the most out of the beautiful Norwegian nature on this day trip.

After crossing the bridge, we will continue to Norheimsund, and the next waterfall Steinsdalsfossen. This powerful and special waterfall has a path behind the waterfall where one can walk without getting wet. Great experience.

After being close and personal with the Steinsdalsfossen waterfall, we start our journey back to Bergen (about 1 hour and 15 minutes). On the way to Bergen, we also stop to see the last waterfall on this trip, which is the waterfall Bratte.

The estimated time for this waterfall trip with all stops, will be about 10-11 hours long.

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