Norway in a day trip 
Ferry, Lunch and cider tasting included


Experience the best of hardanger in one day!

This is a culturefilled tour with a spectacular scenery, that will take your breath away. Enjoy cosy ferry rides over the sea to the village of Jondal. Not to mention our stop at the local farms, Bleie Gård and Kvestad Gård. These two won Gold and Silver for the best cider in Norway. Get ready for cider tasting, local produced food and Norwegian history, while surrounded by majestic landscape in Hardanger.

Hardanger is well known for their dramatic landscapes of mountains, glaciers, waterfalls and of course fjords. This has attracted both tourists and artists throughout the years. The people of Hardanger has been growing fruit's since the 1300th century. This is why we in Fjordrive want to show you what Hardanger has to offer! 

We strongly reccomend this tour to everyone who haven't experienced Hardanger yet. The trip containts stops at the waterfall Fossen Bratte, also known as "brudesløret" which means wedding vail in Norwegian. Another waterfall you'll be seeing is one of the most visited waterfalls in Norway, Steinsdalsfossen. There will also be ferryrides to Jondal, with a beautiful view across the sea and a lovely breeze through your hair. We save the best for last, as we include a cider tasting at the local farms in Hardanger. Here, you will get a local produced lunch that gives you the full culinary experience from Hardanger cuisine. 

The tour starts by minibus at the Tourist Information in Bergen, before heading to our first sightseeing stop, Fossen Bratte. On the way towards the waterfall, we will pass by a place called Tysse. From the road you will see Frøland powerplant, which is the first powerplant in Western Norway buildt in 1912. This perticular powerplant was the first to give electricity to the city of Bergen. After passing Frøland, we arrive at Fossen Bratte which has a dramatic drop of 300 meters. 

Next sightseeing stop is one of Norway's most visited waterfalls, Steinsdalsfossen in Nordheimsund. It is well known for the possibility of going under the waterfall without being wet. Steinsdalsfossen has a drop of 50 meters, but up close it looks like so much more beacuse of how close you can see it's natural powers. This is the perfect spot to take some photos! 

Then we move on to Tørvikbygd dock, for a 30 minute ferryride over to Jondal. We will then officially enter Hardanger, and see the first appletrees right away. We can't even describe how amazing it is to watch the nature unfold along the road, and the landscape surroundings just has to be seen with your own eyes. 

  • High quality minibus with capacity of max 20 persons.

  • It is also possible to book the car only for your family or group. Prices upon request.

We arrive our next stop to the familyowned business, Kvestad Gård and cider brewery. Haakon, which runs the place with his family, we like to say is Hardanger's most hospitable fellow, that gives you a warm welcome with the fireplace crackeling in the commonroom when you enter. Here you will have a taste of Kvestad's awardwinning cider, or maybe you would like to taste their lemonade which we absolutely love. 

It is a lot of history in Kvestad farm, and in the steep terrain you can start to wonder how they have managed to produce cider for generations. The farm is close up under the glacier Folgefonna, where you can see snowy mountains over the farm area. Read more about Kvestad sideri here.

Further on, we drive down to the local farm Bleie Gård in Sørgjorden, where Alde cider is located. In 2018 they were announced Norway's best cider, and they became more famous than ever for their produce of lemonade, juice and cider. The farm is traditional Hardanger style, and the friendly owner of the farm and brewery, Olav Bleie himself, will greet you as we arrive. You will get a mini tour of the farm and taste the awardwinning cider. In addition, you will be able to buy bottles of your choice from the farm! Read more about Alde sider here. 

After tasting some of the best ciders from Norway, we continue down to the pier for a delicious and exclusive lunch at Siderhuset Ola K. Previously, Ola K was the well-known and beloved "old merchant" at Naa. The premises near the quayside have today been converted into a restaurant. The owners of the well-known seafood restaurant Cornelius in Bergen are the same owners as Siderhuset Ola K. Cornelius is one of Norway's best seafood restaurants, so this experience really sets the standard for the quality and experience you receive at Ola K.

Here you enjoy a delicious lunch, often accompanied by tasty locally produced varieties of sides, with spectacular views of the beautiful Hardangerfjord landscape. A meal you wont forget, and a definite highlight of the trip.

On the way back to Jondal we drive through Utne, which has been announced a national tourist road in Hardanger. Here you will have rows of appletrees on each side, surrounding by the snowy mountains and fjords. Then we take the ferry back over the sea, and return at the Bergen Tourist information around 19:00. 

Trip details

Time schedule

Departure by mini bus from  the Tourist information in Bergen

Arrival Fossen Bratte

Arrival Steinsdalsfossen

Ferry from Tørvikbygd 

Arrival Kvedstad Farm and Alde Cider with cider tasting

Lunch at Ciderhouse Ola K by the seaside.

Ferry to Utne

Arrive Bergen by the Tourist Information

The ferry rides, cider tasting and lunch are included.

This trip includes

  • Norwegian- and English speaking guide and driver

  • Round trip from Bergen by minibus

  • Cider tasting and lunch at local farm

  • Lunch at the exclusive restaurant Ciderhouse Ola K by the seaside

Online booking

The tour must be booked no later than 22:30 the day before departure.


If canceled up to 2 days before date of departure, a full refund can be claimed. Cancellation after this will not be refunded. Cancellation must be sent to


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If traveling with children under 135 cm, remember to book a child seat as an extra (no additional cost). Car cushions for older children are available in the bus.

Route on map

Kart over ruten til Hardanger tur