winter tour - hardangerfjord, Waterfalls, ullensvang hotel and voss gondola


the perfect winter tour to hardangerfjord

The perfect winter tour for at day-trip out of Bergen! Experience fjords, waterfalls, Voss Gondala, the famous Låtefossen waterfall and the unforgettable Ullensvang Hotel by the Hardangerfjord.

On this one-of-its-kind guided day tour, you are very likely to see snow-capped mountains and serene fjord-landscape. You may even experience a blissard and heavy snowfall, or see spectacular frozen waterfalls.

This tour, which runs November-April, operated by a comfortable and exclusive 20-seats Mercedes minibus, offers a variety of Norwegian landscape, tailor-made to give you the ultimate winter experience in Norway.

The day starts at 8 am outside the Tourist Information in Bergen. While it is still dark, we drive out of Bergen, heading south-east, towards the mountainous area of Kvamsskogen. This place often has lots of snow in the months December to April, and is a popular skiing destination for the people of Bergen.

On our way, we stop at a nice cafè in Bjørkheim, situated by the Samnanger Fjord. We continue towards Hardanger and pass a number of waterfalls on our way, including the «Bride`s Veil» and the «Steindalsfossen». At the Steindalsfossen, we make a stop of half an hour. This is the famous waterfall where you can walk behind! In very cold periods of the winter, the waterfalls may be completely frozen to ice.

After passing the town of Norheimsund, with its 5000 inhabitants, we have lovely views of the Hardanger Fjord to our left. The Hardanger Fjord is Norways`s second largest fjord, stretching about 170 kilometres from the coast, and eastwards into the country. The Hardanger Fjord is wide and serene. The whole region is rich in culture: old dwellings and farms, as well as fruit orchards can be seen everywhere.

  • High quality minibus with capacity of max 20 persons.

  • It is also possible to book the car only for your family or group. Prices upon request.

Then follows the 20 minute crossing of the Hardangerfjord. This hybrid electric utility car ferry offers a once-in-a-lifetime authentic ferrry experience for many of our passengers. Inside the ferry you can enjoy views of the fjord from a warm seating area. There is also a small cafeteria onboard, where you can purchase the famous Norwegian thick pancake «svele», almost exclusively sold on car ferries!

Arriving at Jondal, on the south side of the Hardangerfjord, we drive to Odda. On the way we stop to view a fish farming plant, maybe seeing the salmon jumping in the pens, and further on we stop at a spectacular sceenic point for a complimentery coffee break, surrounded by jagged mountains.

Beyond Odda we stop for viewing the famous Låtefossen waterfall, a magnet for international visitors for the past 150 years – when we arrive there you will understand why! On clear days we have views to the Folgefonna Glacier. Then a drive along the east side of the Sør Fjord, also a part of the Hardangerfjord, before we stop at the historical Ullensvang Hotel for a two-course lunch. The hotel is situated between high mountains, fjord and apple orchards. Here we take our time to enjoy lunch and take in the scenary.

The «last-but-not-least» of this memoriable day is the Voss Gondola. In the fading lights of winter afternoon, we skylift up to the mountain Hangurstoppen 818 meters above sea level (Voss town is at 50 m). At the top awaits us a snow-filled mountain landscape. To counter the winter darkness we have a arranged a bonfire for you, and something hot to drink. Outside our «campfire hut» there is the perfect opportunity for playing in the snow!

We plan to be back in Bergen around 7 pm.

Be sure to bring with you a warm jacket, woolen hat and mittens, as well as good boots for walking in snow.

Please inform us when booking if you have any food allergies or special dietary requitrements. 

Trip details

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Time schedule

Departure by mini bus from  the Tourist information in Bergen

Stop at Bjørkheim Cafè 10-15 min

Arrival Steinsdalsfossen 30 min

Utility car-ferry crossing over Hardangerfjord (Tørvikbygd)

Arrival Jondal 

Coffee break in spectacular mountain surroundings


Låtefossen waterfall

Lunch at Ullensvang Hotel (included)

Departure Ullensvang Hotel 

Arrival Voss Gondola

Departure Voss Gondola

Arrival Tourist Information in Bergen

This trip includes

  • English speaking guide and driver

  • Round trip from Bergen by minibus

  • Lunch included at Ullensvang Hotel

Online booking

The tour must be booked no later than 22:30 the day before departure.


If canceled up to 2 days before date of departure, a full refund can be claimed. Cancellation after this will not be refunded. Cancellation must be sent to


Your email confirmation is your ticket for this tour. The tickets for the cruise will be provided by the driver.


If traveling with children under 135 cm, remember to book a child seat as an extra (no additional cost). Car cushions for older children are available in the bus.